Product Review : Nattys Paste Wax

Product Review : Nattys Paste Wax

Nattys Paste Wax

Natty’s Paste Wax

Poorboy’s World are well renowned within the car care industry, by Amateurs and Professionals alike. Their products have quite a huge fan base because they are easy to use and give fantastic results, while often being quite inexpensive compared to other brands. Many brands try to tempt enthusiasts with cleverly designed expensive packaging, but Poorboy’s World decided to rely on the performance of their products to carry their name.

Rather than spending money on fancy bottles, Poorboys put all their effort into developing products that deliver amazing results. Today we are going to Focus On Natty’s Paste Wax ( Specifically the Blue Version), which was one of the very first Poorboys products I used ( along with their Bold ‘N Bright Tire Gel ), and the first Paste wax I had attempted to apply to any car.

Something that I have only learned recently, is that there are Four different Versions or variation of this wax. When I first went to buy this wax, there was only one type available in the shop so I didn’t have much choice.

After looking into it a bit more, the differences between the colours can be summarized by the below

Natty’s Paste Wax Variations

1)Natty’s Paste Wax Blue

A slightly different formulation of the regular Natty’s, made for dark-coloured cars ( to give an extra boost in depth and shine ) Some people say that the blue can hide some defects as well, but I wouldn’t take it as gospel.

Nattys Paste Wax Blue

2)Natty’s Paste Wax Red

Red is not colour specific, so can be used on light or dark cars it does not Matter. I have noticed it also has a slicker, wetter feel when applying it.

Nattys paste wax red

3)Natty’s Paste Wax White

The original Natty’s Paste Wax, suited for lighter coloured cars.

Nattys Paste Wax

4)Natty’s Paste Wax Black

Natty’s Black is great for all dark colour finishes and is truly exceptional on black paint. The appearance you’ll get with Natty’s Black is dripping wet, highly reflective and it produces the deepest shine that I have ever seen on dark colours at this price point

Nattys Paste wax

Not a lot of difference, if any in real terms, in my opinion. When you quantify how much of the overall finish is attributed to the wax anyway, then take that tiny percentage and try and differentiate between these products from the same manufacturer, the differences are going to be minuscule really, so I wouldn’t get too caught up in it ( unless you care about the different fragrance of each! )


Natty’s Paste Wax Review

Initial Impressions

-Price – this is a very reasonably priced product, less than 30 bucks for a container. It is hard to believe that this product has such a good reputation at such a low price point. Fair play Poorboys world!

-The first thing I noticed when opening the product is that it looks like a rock-solid lump. A lot more solid than I would have that a “Paste” would be. I was slightly worried that the application and removal would be difficult given its consistency.

-Quite a large tub of product, I can imagine that this container lasting a very long time. Talk about value for money! I believe this is an 8oz Container,

-The smell of this product is AMAZING. The first thing I recommend you do when you get Natty’s Blue Paste Wax is to smell it, it smells just like bubble gum. If you were blindfolded and smelled Natty’s blue – you’d be hard-pressed to tell that you weren’t smelling gum. Wow, worth it for the smell alone.


Nattys Paste Wax


– As I have already mentioned, when it came time to start applying the wax, I was a little worried at its apparent consistency. It looked rock solid! I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I started to rub the pad onto the wax to get a little bit of heat and friction it immediately started to change.

– The weird thing is, as soon as the wax gets on the pad it seems to liquefy like an oily wax.  It also spreads far like an oily wax. I found that a little goes a VERY long way with this stuff, and better results are obtained by spreading the wax very finely across the surface of the paint and not applying too much.

-Start with a thin coat, you can always apply a little more after if you feel like it could use it.

Nattys Paste Wax

Nattys blue wax

-You just might be able to make out the slight oily haze in the picture above, I find this is the perfect amount.

-This could be one of the easiest to apply waxes I have ever used on my car. Superb! Looks can be deceiving.

Curing Time

-This stuff seems to haze up pretty quickly, much quicker than I expected

-I have not fully played around with the curing time, but I tend to leave Natty’s on the paint for about 10 minutes before removing it. One of the beautiful things about this wax is that it is safe to use in direct sunlight, so don’t be rushing to get it off the paint if you don’t have the cover of shade. Don’t Worry!

-A lot of lesser quality waxes will be next to impossible to buff off the paint if they are left in direct sunlight for long enough, I find that this is not the case with this wax

Nattys blue


Buff Off /Removal

-Natty’s Paste wax comes off like a dream. I must admit I am always a fan of a wax that doesn’t take too much effort to buff off, and this is one of them.

-This stuff comes off as easy as it goes on, with very little effort. ( Regardless of time left to cure on the car, or in direct sunlight ) This is a big plus for me as I do not have a garage to work in ( yet ), so must make do with applying waxes on my driveway.

-Once you give the panels a once over with a clean microfiber cloth, you are good to go. You can reapply another layer to the same panel if you want to achieve a deeper shine and a more “wet” look to the car’s paint.

Nattys wax


-All I can say is WOW, this stuff looks amazing. The level of gloss and shine from this wax at this price point is pretty unbelievable, to be honest.

-This stuff can stand up to a lot more expensive waxes in terms of the looks of the car after it has been applied.

-The car’s surface feels silky smooth and beads and sheets water very well.

-Outrageous wet look in all lighting conditions and the reflections are mesmerizing. I will let some of the pictures do the talking. The best thing about it is how little effort and time it took to achieve this look, due to the easy on / easy off nature of this wax. Simplicity at its best.

nattys paste wax

Nattys blue paste wax

nattys blue

And my favourite one below.

Nattys Paste


Protection / Longevity 

-Natty’s paste wax does seem to last a pretty decent time on the car, although it does fall short a bit compared to the more high-end waxes, I don’t think Poorboys market this product as a super long protective wax anyway so I won’t get too hung up about it.

-Even if it doesn’t last long here the look it gives and the pleasure of working with it is good enough that I wouldn’t mind applying every couple weeks if I had to.

-I usually find a good coat of this wax will last about a month before needing to be re-applied, and you can still see the effects of the protection ( water beading etc ) for weeks.

-This wax is more for people who enjoy waxing their car, and not just “Set and Forget” type of waxing often associated with the harder type coatings which can last multiple months.

Final Thoughts

-As you can probably already tell I like this product, and I believe that it is the superb value given its price. It can stand up to a lot more expensive waxes, and I believe that credit should be given where credit is due on this one. Hats off to Poorboys!

-This is a wax that is going to always have a home in my detailing supplies, and I have already recommended it to a lot of my friends who have commented and asked about what I have on the car, as it looks that impressive.

-Bang for the buck, I’m not sure that it can be beaten. If you have something that can beat it for this price, I would sure as hell like to hear about it so please leave a comment in the comments section.

  • Price 10/10

  • Application 8/10

  • Curing Time 8/10

  • Buff Off / Removal 9/10

  • Appearance 9/10

  • Protection 6/10

  • Overall Score 8/10

Natty’s Paste Wax- Where to Buy?

If you want to try Natty’s paste wax – please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

This helps me keep this blog up and running.

Have you tried this product already? If so please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Detailing!

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