Product Review : Chemical Guys After Wash

Product Review : Chemical Guys After Wash

As much as I love detailing products and trying out new gear, one type of product I never really bought into was the idea of “Drying Aids” or “Paint Moisturizers”. I always thought of them as a bit of a gimmick, and given how expensive it can be to stock up on all different types of detailing and cleaning products, I would never have thought that this was a necessity, so I never really bothered!

It just so happens I was doing a bit of online shopping and buying a few new things to try out on my new carand one of these so-called drying aids (Chemical Guys After Wash) caught my eye so I decided to pick it up and give it a go.

I know a few people who swear by these types of products and don’t dry their car without them, so let’s see what all the fuss is about…

Chemical Guys After Wash Review

What is Chemical Guys After Wash?

According to Chemical Guys themselves – “Chemical Guys After Wash is an advanced paintwork moisturizer that aids the drying process. The innovative drying aid repels water, adds lubrication, and creates a streak-free shine when drying any vehicle”.

It also claims to be a gloss enhancer which will add some extra gloss to the paintwork as you dry it off.

As soon as I read the description of this product, I couldn’t help but make a connection to AMMO NYC  “hydrate” product, as it seems to market itself as doing the same job.

I have always wanted to try Ammo Hydrate but living in Ireland it is very expensive to ship over here, so I thought I would give the chemical guys equivalent a shot.

I have used Autoglym Aqua Wax in the past as a quick step to add a bit of gloss when drying my car, so I was interested to see how this product would compare against something like that.

Why Use Chemical Guys After Wash?

For those of us with hard water, washing and drying a car without getting horrible water spots can be quite the task. People tend to use many different products as drying aides, from quick detailers to spray waxes.

The main purpose of drying aids is to provide much-needed lubrication when drying any vehicle. Chemical Guys After Wash is used after you wash your car to create a streak-free shine when drying the surface.

Believe it or not, improperly drying your car cause just as many scratches as improperly washing your car. One way to minimise the risk of creating imperfections in your cars paintwork is to use a product that adds lubrication between the drying device ( usually a Microfiber Towel ) and the surface of your paint.

How to Use Chemical Guys After Wash

Chemical Guys After Wash is one of the easier products to use on your vehicle, so thankfully there are not too many steps involved in the process.

After you wash your car like you normally would, simply spray Chemical Guys After Wash directly onto the surface as you dry vehicle panel by panel. Yup, It’s that simple! Always be careful when coming in contact with your cars paintwork and be sure to use the correct techniques with the microfiber towel.

Chemical Guys After Wash Review

Chemical Guys After Wash Review

Chemical Guys After Wash Review

I have used this product a few times now and one of the quickest and easiest ways to apply it is to walk around the car and spray the car all in one go – then proceed to dry your car as normal with the microfiber towel.

I can get away with this method as I am living in Ireland and don’t really have to be concerned about working in direct sunlight – so I would probably not recommend spraying onto the whole car In one go in a hot country – just in case any of the product dries in pre-maturely.

Chemical Guys After Wash Review – Is it Worth it?

After using this product for a couple of washes, I must say that I am still a little on the fence about it. I was never expecting amazing things, but then again it is a relatively inexpensive product and is designed for 1 main purpose – to make drying your care safer and more effective.

Does it accomplish this? Yes – I suppose it does. When drying down your car using this product, it DOES seem to dry off a bit easier, due to After Washes Hydrophobic properties. You will also notice a SLIGHT bit of gloss enhancement when compared to just drying your car with a towel on its own. ( This could also be down to a little “Top Up” effect on any protection you previously had on the car.

Chemical Guys After Wash Review
Chemical Guys After Wash isn’t going to Make or Break your wash routine, or it is not some sort of revolutionary product. Is it 100% Necessary? Absolutely not – but it is a nice to have as part of your detailing product collection. I will continue to use it while I still have it.

Will I buy it again? Probably not – I will spend my money elsewhere and try a different product.

Chemical Guys After Wash – Where to Buy?

if you want to try After Wash- please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

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Until Next time, Happy Detailing!

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