Product Review : Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt

Product Review : Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt

Continuing from my last article on what is the best wash mitt for avoiding paint scratches on your car’s paintwork, I decided to pick up a new wash mitt to test out on my car and put it through its paces.

My old car wash mitt has lasted me a very long time but it was time for a refresh, so I decided to pick up this product from a well-known company on the detailing scene called Gtechniq

Gtechniq detailing products have grown in popularity over the last number of years and it is easy to see why, as they usually have some of the best products available at an affordable price. They are probably best known for their hydrophobic and ceramic coatings. The first product in the Gtechniq range to be produced was C1 Crystal Lacquer, closely followed by P1 Nano Composite Polish.

Now the Gtechniq range includes composite ceramic coatings, leather protection, fabric protection, wheel and trim protection, shampoos and much more.

Needless to say, I was excited to try out a new Gtechniq product and a new wash mitt for the first time, so let’s get down to the testing and review.

Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt

The Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt is designed to have optimal glide, contaminant capture and release characteristics. What this means is this wash mitt is designed to gently glide across your paintwork picking up dirt and grime safely and releasing the contaminants easily into the rinse bucket. If you recall my last post on the best wash mitts, this is the number one thing to look out for when you’re buying a mitt! This is to make sure your car does not end up with nasty swirl marks which will result in it needing to be machine polished to remove any imperfections caused by a crap wash mitt.

Gtechniq WM2 Design

I must say I like the look of the Gtechniq wash mitt, its red and white colour is pretty appealing and does to retain the appearance of the Gtechniq brand. It is made from variable length split microfibers and has an inner foam Reservoir designed to hold as much soapy solution in the mitt as possible.  I have had problems with other wash mitts it’s in the past not holding onto the water well enough, so I had High Hopes for this one.  From the first moment you put the wash mitt on your hand, you can feel the thickness of the foam. It feels like a super high-quality product ( Not that I would expect any less from this brand! )

Gtechniq Wash Mitt

Another thing you notice straight away when you put it on your hand is the elastic band around the Cuff is excellent. The material is very thick and grips your wrist tight to ensure that it does not slip off your hand at any stage while you’re washing your car. The absolute very last thing you want is for your mitt to slide off your hand and fall onto the Dirty Ground.

Gtechniq WM2 Price

There are cheaper wash mitts available, but as I mentioned previously gtechniq is not a budget brand. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and if you go for a cheap product it more than likely will not last very long. ( Based on previous experiences!) This being a microfiber wash mitt,  I would expect it to last me a very long time compared to a wool or sheepskin mitt so I’m hoping this small investment will be worth it in the long run.

At just under $20 It is not too expensive either when compared to its sheepskin counterparts, especially. when the quality of this product is so high. Initial Impressions seem like it is a very good value for money.

Gtechniq WM2 Performance

The first time using this wash mitt I was very impressed with its performance. I used it in combination with the gtechniq G wash car shampoo and I must say I was pleasantly surprised how easily this wash mitt glided over the car’s paint surface ( this shampoo is also designed to lessen friction on the paints surface, and the combination of this shampoo and mitt was a clear winner! )

The amount of water and shampoo that this wash mitt was able to retain was quite staggering. One of my pet peeves with other products is that some of them are useless when it comes to holding the water which can lead to a lot of shampoo being wasted and a less effective wash overall, But this didn’t seem to be a problem with this Gtechniq wash mitt.

Cleaning the Scirocco was effortless,  and I can confirm that this is one of the best wash mitts I have ever used,  and far superior to noodle-type wash mitt that I was using previously. Gtechniq is on to a winner with this one. Once I had finished washing the car it was also very easy to clean the mitt and remove any contaminants that might have been trapped inside, so what is now ready for the next wash!

Gtechniq WM2 Longevity

Because it is a brand new wash mitt I currently can’t comment on how long it lasts just yet, but my initial impressions that it will last a very long time due to the quality of the materials used and how easy it was to clean afterwards. Gtechniq recommend the following for looking after your wash mitt

-Wash Microfibre products separately from other fabrics to avoid cloths and mitts being contaminants with lint.
-Wash at 50c using half the amount of bleach-free detergent.
-Do not use fabric softeners.
-Either air dry or machine dry at a low temperature.

I will be following the guidelines above to make sure that I get the most of this product,  and to make sure that it lasts me many more washes. Especially because it wasn’t the cheapest mitt! I will be sure to update this post in a few months to give you a more detailed review of the longevity of this product.

Gtechniq WM2 Where to buy

If you want to try out this wash mitt – please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

This helps me keep this blog up and running.

Final thoughts

This is a great product overall as you would expect from a company with such a good reputation in the detailing community. It was a small bit more expensive than some of the other run-of-the-mill wash mitts, but so far I think that it is worth the price.

I will be sure to keep an eye on this mitt over the next coming months to see how it lasts, but until then I am very impressed! Good Job Gtechniq!

You can check out this wash mitt in more detail here

  • Price 6/10

  • Quality 9/10

  • Performance 8/10

  • Longevity – Will update when I have spent a bit more time with it!

  • Overall Score 8/10

About the Author – Darren O Hara

Darren is the founder of the DriveDetailed blog and is a keen detailing enthusiast living in the rainy south of Ireland. When he is not cleaning his car he is always researching ways he can improve his techniques and enjoys testing out out new products.

Darren currently drives an Audi TTRS and is a big fan of performance cars.

You can follow Darren on Instagram @darrenoharacork


If you have used this product I would be interested to hear your own experiences with it, or if you have any other recommendations for good types of wash mitt please let me know in the comments below, It would be great to hear from you.

Until next time, Happy Detailing!

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