Product Review – Gyeon Bathe+ Shampoo

Product Review – Gyeon Bathe+ Shampoo

I had recently just run out of my current car shampoo and needed to pick up a new product to try. Having recently been really impressed by a product by Gyeon ( Wetcoat ), I decided to take a look at what types of shampoo they had on offer.

One that caught my eye straight away was their Shampoo + Coating combination called Bathe+. I have read about this product before and heard some positive things, so I decided to give it a try. I had been previously been using GWash by Gtechniq, and it has always been reliable – but its always good to try something new.

Gyeon has two different offerings when it comes to Car Shampoo – Bathe & Bathe+. What is the difference you might ask? And why should you go for one over the other?

Gyeon Bathe vs Bathe+

Gyeon Bathe+ is based upon the same formula is the regular Gyeon Bathe but has been fortified with SiO2 rich polymers. The result of this is a car shampoo that not only cleans but adds temporary hydrophobic coating that enhances surface gloss and strongly repels water-dirt & grime which claims to last up to several weeks. Q2M Bathe is the world’s first pH neutral shampoo containing SiO2 – this reason alone is enough for me to want to try it out.

Why would you want SiO2 in your shampoo? Si02 ( Silica Dioxide) is what you would find in many types of ceramic coating products on the market these days. Because Bathe Plus shampoo contains a certain amount of Si02, you are effectively adding a layer of protective coating as you wash your car without any additional effort.

Gyeon bathe plus review

So the weekend rolled around and it was time to wash the TTRS – let’s see what this Bathe+ Stuff is all about!

Gyeon Bathe+ – How to Use

There are 3 different ways of using Q²M Bathe+ Shampoo.

  1. Dilute it and use as a regular shampoo with hydrophobic properties
  2. Spray on the car with a foam lance
  3. Simply spread it on the wet, clean paintwork with a microfiber wash mitt.

For my first test, I decided to use it the same way I would use my regular shampoo products. For best results, it is recommended to use at a dilution rate of 500:1 (water: product), which equates to 30 ml in a Wash Bucket.

Simply add the correct amount of shampoo to your suds bucket and then fill it to the top with warm water, stirring it as it fills. If your water pressure is low and relatively few suds are produced, blast a little cold water into the bucket with your hose or pressure washer (submerging the nozzle first); this will generate more suds.

I found that this product did not produce a lot of suds either way – and seemed to have a different consistency to any other shampoo I have used previously.

Gyeon Bathe+ Shampoo review

Application using this method is pretty simple – just wash the car as you normally would with any shampoo. In my tests above, I used a pressure washer for rinsing the car off, just to make sure I did not leave any residue of the product behind on any of the panels.

Although this probably isn’t required and you would be fine with a hose, I decided to use one anyway.

Gyeon Bathe+ Review

One of the first things I noticed when using the product was that this shampoo didn’t feel as slick or sudsy as most of the shampoos I have used before. Cleaning power seemed pretty good on this shampoo – although my car was not particularly that filthy, to begin with, it seemed to do a pretty good job of cutting through whatever was on the panels of my car.

As soon as I started rinsing the car off with the pressure washer the hydrophobic effect of this shampoo was immediately apparent! I was actually quite surprised at how obvious the result was.
Granted I had applied Gyeon Wet Coat to the Car a month or two ago, but this shampoo seemed to magnify whatever protection was on the car previously.

Here are some videos of the water behaviour after a simple wash, and a nice picture of the beading effect.

Gyeon Bathe+ Review

Pretty Impressive isn’t it?

The next test of this product is its durability. Given it is a shampoo I am not expecting miracles, but I would imagine it would at least last a couple of weeks. I gave my car a blast with a pressure washer this morning out of interest and the water behaviour and beading were as strong as when it was just applied! So it was definitely a good start.

Gyeon Bathe+ Worth It?

Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. This is not a cheap shampoo by any means and can cost quite a bit more than regular shampoos that do not contain any SiO2. I am super impressed by this product but I don’t think I would use it as my weekly shampoo as it would just cost too much per wash.

I will use this bi-weekly so that it will last a bit longer. I am sure that the protection that this stuff leaves will last a minimum of two weeks. It could also be used as a replacement for Gyeon Wet Coat if you are already using that – I don’t think you would need to use both in your wash routine.

  • Price 5/10

  • Application 7/10

  • Appearance 9/10

  • Protection 10/10 ( For a shampoo! )

  • Overall Score 8/10

I really like this shampoo, I think I will try it with the foam cannon method next to see how it does with that type of application.

Gyeon Bathe+ Where to Buy?

If you want to try this product out for yourself you can pick it up using the Drivedetailed Amazon link HERE

This helps me keep the blog up and running at no extra cost to you.

gyeon bathe plus review


If you have already used Gyeon Bathe+, please let me know in the comments what you thought of it.

Happy Detailing!

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  1. I apply this with a foam lance after normal washing with a different, more foamy, shampoo.
    Living near the sea, I like the fact that compared with something like the surface application of Wetcoat for instance, the foamy application will run down (and coat) all the drains and gullies that the salty air will get to too. Easier to squirt up and under, wheelarches etc.

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