Angelwax Angelwash Review ( Self Drying Shampoo!)

Angelwax Angelwash Review ( Self Drying Shampoo!)

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I recently tried out a product from Angelwax called FastFoam ( You can check out this review here ). I really rated this product highly so I decided I would try out some more of the Angelwax product range.

This week I was running low on car shampoo so I decided I pick up Angelwax Angelwash

What caught my eye about this product is that it claimed to be self-drying, when I saw that I was immediately interested in trying it out, as there is nothing worse than washing your car and being left with some water spots if you don’t dry it off quickly enough.

As we come closer into the summer months this becomes more and more of a problem, so I thought this would be a good product to try out.

So what is this shampoo all about?

Angel Wax Self Drying Shampoo – How does it Work?

angel wax shampoo review

Angelwash encapsulates and lubricates the dirt on the bodywork to ensure that these particles are removed in the safest way possible.
The self-drying aspect of Angelwash ensures that the water will evaporate evenly from the bodywork which, in turn, prevents spotting and other water marks that may occur when a vehicle is left to dry.

Angelwax don’t state exactly how this self-drying effect is achieved, but it is a PH neutral shampoo, so you can ensure that it won’t strip any wax or sealant you have on the car, which is very important.

Another important attribute of a car shampoo for me is the slickness of the shampoo and how easily it works with the wash mitt to glide over the surface of the car, so I will be watching this closely when trying out this shampoo.

It was a sunny Saturday morning here in Ireland today, so I decided to crack the Angelwash open and put it to the test!

Angel Wax Self Drying Shampoo – How to use it

The instructions on the bottle are as follows

1. Add two capfuls of Angelwax Anglewash to a bucket of clean, tepid water and agitate to create a creamy lather.
2. Wash the vehicle.
3. After washing the vehicle, rinse very thoroughly and allow the vehicle to self dry.

Before I did any contact washing on my car, I did a pre-wash with some snow foam using a pressure washer to remove as many contaminants from the car as possible before touching it with the wash mitt

I began by adding what I believed to be roughly two cap fulls of the shampoo to my wash bucket with some warm water. It seemed to sud up pretty well on its own which I liked. Another point to note ( although not that important ), this product smells really good.

I almost wanted to dunk my head into the bucket of water.

angelwax self drying shampoo review

angelwax angel wash review

Upon placing my wash mitt on the car I could feel that it was gliding smoothly over the paint and there was very good lubricity. Some amount of suds were left behind on the paint as I worked my way around the car.

So far I was impressed with the shampoo, which was making light work of washing the car and seemed to provide good cleaning power.

angelwax angelwash review

Once I had worked my way around the car, I used a power hose to rinse off the angel wax shampoo. I was pretty happy with how the shampoo cleaned the car. Once any remaining shampoo was rinsed off – I decided to leave the car sit as it was.

Usually, at this point, I would use a microfiber towel to dry the car down, but since this is a claimed self-drying shampoo, I thought it would be a good test to just leave it.

angelwax self drying shampoo

Since it was still early in the morning, the car was still in the shade. I swallowed a brave pill and moved the car into the sun when it was still wet, usually, this is a big no-no for me as this will nearly always end up in water spots, but I thought in the interest of testing this shampoo, it would be a good idea.

So off it went into the sun to dry out.

angelwax self drying shampoo review


Angelwax Self Drying Shampoo Review – Does it Work??

I must say that I was impressed at the result after leaving the car to dry out in direct sunlight. As I said previously, this is almost a guaranteed way to get water spots after washing the car and I was surprised at the little (if any) water spots left on the car after it had dried off. 

It was not 100% waterspot free, but the little spots I could see could be down to the hardness of the water in the area. It was a definite improvement over some other shampoos I have used, which I certainly wouldn’t want them to naturally dry off.

Is this a revolutionary product? No, it is not, but it is definitely a safer shampoo to use if you are living in a hot and sunny climate where a car can dry off naturally very quickly. This is certainly a product which will help to reduce the chances of being left with a water spotted car.

angelwax shampoo review

The cleaning power of the shampoo was pretty decent, and at a relatively cheap price I think it is a pretty good value car shampoo and look forward to using it again, in between washing my car with Gyeon Bathe + ( My favourite Shampoo at the moment! )

The result was a very clean car and a Saturday morning well spent.

  • Price 8/10

  • Suds 7/10

  • Cleaning Power 6/10

  • Slickness 7/10

  • Overall Score 7/10

Angelwax Shampoo – Where to Buy?

If you want to try Angelwash – please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

This helps me keep this blog up and running at no extra cost to you.

Until next time, Happy Detailing!

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