Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Product Review

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Product Review

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of Gyeon Products. For those of you who may not be familiar with Gyeon, they are a Korean based detailing product manufacturer mainly recognised for nanotechnology-based products, primarily spray sealants and ceramic coatings.

Gyeon has positioned itself as a premium brand in the marketplace and you won’t find their products priced at the budget end of the scale. With Gyeon you pretty much always know you are getting a premium product.

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Product Review

I was recently restocking some of my detailing supplies and couldn’t help picking up some new products to try out, one of them being Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing. To me, tire dressing is an important part of my detailing regime and can have a huge overall visual impact on the way a car looks when it is freshly cleaned.

I have tried many different tire dressings at this point and have been let down by a lot of them. One of them I keep coming back to is Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel, as I find it pretty much unbeatable for the price, and I have always been happy with how it looks when applied.

However, as I said I am a big fan of Gyeon products, I thought it might be a good idea to try what they have on offer when it comes to tire dressing.

What is Gyeon Q2 Tire?

Q² Tire is the worlds first and only SiO2-based tyre coating. Unlike traditional tire dressings, which sit on the surface of the tyre and can wash away, Gyeon Q² Tire claims to penetrate the surface of the tire and bond to the rubber at the molecular level.

When I heard that this product contained Si02 coating I was very interested.

Living in Rainy Ireland I find that a lot of tire dressing products struggle to last any length of time in this climate. I was looking forward to seeing how this stuff held up against the wet weather!

gyeon tire dressing

Gyeon Q2 Tire – How to Apply

Instructions from Gyeon State :

‘The super-concentrated, SiO2 infused formula of Q² Tire requires a very high level of surface preparation. Make sure you clean the tyre with Q²M TireCleaner and let it dry. Rub a small amount of the product into the surface and let it dry.

TIP: To prolong the durability of Q² Tire, heat the surface tyre wall with a heat gun. This will open the micropores of the rubber and allow the product to soak in. A more matte finish and extended durability are the result’

Admittedly I did not use Q²M TireCleaner OR a heat gun as I did not have access to either. Instead, I just applied it like I would any other tire dressing and made sure the tire was adequately cleaned before using.

Step 1

Clean the tires using a good cleaning solution ( APC will do ) and a tire cleaning brush if you have one. Once the tires are cleaned, dry them fully.

Step 2

Using a microfiber pad or tire dressing applicator, spread a small amount of the product around the tire ensuring even coverage. With Gyeon Q2 Tire a little goes a long way ( 10-15ml  will do a set of tires ) Only 2-3 squirts of Gyeon Q² Tire are required per tyre.

Step 3

Use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess from the tires, this will prevent any unwanted “sling” when you drive the car afterwards. It is recommended that you leave this product dry/cure for about 15 minutes before driving to leave the coating bond properly to the rubber.

Gyeon Q2 Tire – Can you Add more Layers?

Gyeon states that you can add more layers to the dressing if you want a deeper/shinier look but I found that 1 layer was more than enough to give the finish that I wanted. From what I had previously read, this product is supposed to leave more of a satin finish to the tire but I found that it was quite shiny and glossy even after 1 layer!

This suited me fine as I tend to prefer this appearance, similar to a solvent-based tire dressing.

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Review

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Review

Gyeon Q2 Tire – How Long Does it Last?

Gyeon Claim that this dressing will last 4-5 weeks on the tires. Personally, I have never had a dressing last that long so it will be interesting to see how this performs.

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Review – Final Thoughts

Overall I was impressed by the appearance of the tires after the initial application. The finish and look is exactly what I wanted from a tire dressing and made a huge impact on the overall appearance of the car. The product was easy to use ( as most tire dressings are ) and a little goes a long way with this product.

For some tire dressings, I find that I need to add a few layers to give the deep glossy look that I prefer, but with this product 1 layer was adequate.

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Review

I have been driving around with this product on my tires for a few days and through lots of rain so the coating has taken a bit of a beating. Below is how the tires are looking now.

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Review

As you can see, they have lost their shiny appearance but there is still a bit of a product on the tires albeit in more “Satin” look. I was hoping it would hold up a bit better, to be honest, and it doesn’t seem to have outlasted any other tire dressing that have tried in the past. It would be hard to see it lasting at the 4+ weeks claimed durability.

However, On my next application, I am going to prepare the tires as suggested and possibly look at using heat to cure the tires and see does that have an impact on how this product performs.

  • Price 6/10

  • Application 7/10

  • Appearance 8/10

  • Endurance 6/10

  • Overall Score 6.5/10

Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing – Where to Buy

If you want to try Gyeon Q2 tire dressing- please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

This helps me keep this blog up and running.


If you have used Gyeon Q2 tire dressing before, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts or join the discussion over on the DriveDetailed Forum.

Happy Detailing!

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2 thoughts on “Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing Product Review

  1. It’s not really fair to write a subpar review for this product if you’re not following the manufacturers instructions. This tire dressing works fantastically if you apply it exactly how they tell you. Using Gyeon TireCleaner first, followed by using the heatgun is the only way you’re going to get durability out of this product and tbh, at its cost, you’re just wasting money not doing the first 2 steps.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jorge , i didnt have access to a heatgun at the time. I was actually pretty happy with the performance regardless , would buy it again.

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