Product Review : Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel (G7516)

Product Review : Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel (G7516)

In the realm of tire shine, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel stands tall as an iconic and trusted choice. It’s a name that has reverberated through the aisles of car cleaning supply stores for years, cementing its position as a must-have for many vehicle aficionados. While its widespread availability and longstanding reputation make it a familiar name, even the most seasoned car enthusiasts, like myself, can sometimes overlook this gem amidst the myriad of products available today.

My curiosity for trying out new products often leads me on a quest for the next best thing, pushing older favorites to the back burner. Yet, sometimes, a chance encounter can reignite a lost appreciation.

Not too long ago, a friend’s impeccably shining tires caught my eye. To my surprise, the secret behind that gleam was none other than the Meguiar’s Gel. This prompted me to revisit this classic!

Lets take a look!

Meguairs Tire Gel Review

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel Initial Impressions

For those who have followed my previous tire dressing musings, you’re already aware of my love for a high gloss finish on my tires. There’s something undeniably striking about the wet look – it brings a visual oomph, especially when complemented by a car that’s been meticulously cleaned.

Nature of the Product:

Inspecting the consistency and visual aspect of Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel, it’s quite evident that this product leans more towards a silicone-based composition rather than a water-based one. This distinction is essential, especially for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain product types.

Price Point:

In the spectrum of tire dressings, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel offers impressive value for money. The product is usually priced under $10, making it a steal, especially considering the generous 16oz bottle size. This amount assures longevity, making the investment even more worthwhile. In the past, I’ve dabbled with other tire dressings that demanded a heftier price tag, often without offering the same volume or quality.

Performance Expectations:

One of Meguiar’s towering claims is the enduring shine of their tire gel. I’m genuinely keen to see if this product lives up to its moniker, especially since many dressings I’ve tried before tend to lose their luster fairly quickly, particularly when faced with bad weather or rain. (we get lots of that in Ireland!)

Test Methodology:

To ensure an unbiased and thorough evaluation, I opted for Meguiar’s own Tire Dressing Applicator for the application process. Not only would this give me an insight into the gel’s performance but also into how well it pairs with its dedicated applicator.

Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel Review

How to Apply Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel for Best Results

Achieving that coveted glossy finish with Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is more than just slathering on a product; it’s about the technique, the pre-application preparations, and ensuring you get the most out of every drop. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting that impeccable shine:

1. Proper Tire Cleaning:

  • Start with a Clean Canvas: Before you even think of applying the gel, ensure your tires are spotless. Dirt, grime, or remnants of other products can impede the gel’s performance. Use a good quality tire cleaner to thoroughly cleanse the tires and remove any contaminants.
  • Dry Completely: Post-cleaning, it’s vital to dry the tires thoroughly. Any moisture can dilute the gel and prevent it from adhering well to the tire surface.

2. Choosing the Right Applicator:

While you can use various tools to apply the gel, for this test, I used Meguiar’s own Tire Dressing Applicator. This tool is designed to complement the product, ensuring an even spread and minimizing wastage.

3. Application Techniques:

  • Less is More: Begin with a modest amount. It’s always easier to add more gel if needed than to deal with an over-application.
  • Even Strokes: Use consistent, even strokes to spread the gel. This ensures a uniform shine without any streaks or patches.
  • Coverage: Ensure you cover the entire tire surface, but avoid the treads. Excess product on the treads can reduce grip and affect driving safety.

4. Avoiding Over-application:

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is potent, and overdoing it can lead to a “sling” effect where the excess product might splatter onto the car’s body when driving. If you believe you’ve applied too much, use a clean cloth to gently wipe off the excess.

5. Drying Time:

While Meguiar’s does offer a long-lasting shine, it’s essential to give it some drying time to set properly. Ideally, let the tires sit for at least an hour before driving. This waiting period ensures that the product adheres well and reduces the chances of any product sling.

Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel


Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel Review

I’ve always believed in the power of real-world results, letting the product’s performance speak for itself. And in the case of Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel, the results are nothing short of remarkable. The image below perfectly encapsulates the transformation this tire gel can offer.

Deep, Black, Wet Finish:

The product leaves behind a deep black, wet finish, giving the tires a look of richness and depth. It’s a level of gloss that stands out, creating a striking contrast with the road and the rest of the vehicle. While some might find the finish a bit on the glossier side, for enthusiasts like myself who crave that high shine, it’s absolutely perfect.

Restoration of Older Tires:

This particular tire, at 8 months old, has seen its fair share of wear and tear. Living in Ireland means dealing with various road conditions, and this tire has endured it all. Yet, after an application of Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel, it looks as if it just rolled off the production line – a true testament to the product’s capability to rejuvenate and restore.

Compatibility with High-Performance Tires:

For those curious about tire compatibility, this test was conducted on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, renowned for their performance. The Meguiar’s Tire Gel complements these high-quality tires beautifully, enhancing their appearance while maintaining their integrity.

The combination of visual appeal and protective qualities makes Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel a standout product. It doesn’t just make the tires look good; it adds a layer of preservation, ensuring that they continue to perform and appear top-notch, regardless of their age or the challenges the road throws at them

Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel Results

  • Price 10/10

  • Application 8/10

  • Appearance 9/10

  • Endurance 8/10

  • Overall Score 9/10

Comparison to Competing Products

In the tire shine arena, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel stands tall against rivals such as Armor All Extreme Tire Shine, Chemical Guys VRP, and Turtle Wax Wet’N Black.

While these competitors bring their unique advantages to the table, the balance of cost-to-performance heavily favors Meguiar’s. Many premium alternatives might promise slightly superior shine or duration, but the price gap often doesn’t equate to the marginal benefits they offer. Moreover, while products like Chemical Guys VRP boast a versatile application on multiple surfaces, and Armor All claims intense shine, Meguiar’s gel consistency assures even, overspray-free application.

Combined with its reputation for lasting shine and the long-standing trust in the Meguiar’s brand, it becomes clear why many car enthusiasts regard the Endurance Tire Gel as an unparalleled value proposition in its category.

Is Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel Worth it? – Final Thoughts

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel undeniably stands out as a value-packed option in the realm of tire dressings. Its affordability paired with its exceptional performance offers a combination that’s hard to beat.

For someone like me, who has an insatiable curiosity to explore various car cleaning products, it speaks volumes that this tire gel remains a top contender. If my passion didn’t pull me in different directions, there’s a high chance that Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel would be my singular choice.

Its efficacy, coupled with its unbeatable price point, sets a benchmark that few other products have managed to surpass in my experience.

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel – Where to buy?

If you want to try Meguiars tire gel – please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link HERE

This helps me keep this blog up and running at no extra cost to you.


Meguairs tire shine


Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel FAQ

Q1: Can you Use Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel on Trim?
While Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is primarily designed for tires, i have applied it on exterior rubber and plastic trims with positive results. However, for optimal safety and performance, it’s recommended to use products specifically formulated for trim areas.

Q2: How long does Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel last?
 On average, under typical conditions and with proper application, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel can last up to two to three weeks during dry weather. The longevity might vary based on environmental factors and individual driving conditions.

Q3: Is Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel safe for all tire types?
 Yes, the gel is formulated to be compatible with all tire types. Nonetheless, always test on a small section first to confirm its suitability with your specific tire brand or type.

Q4: How does the gel perform in extreme temperatures?
The gel is crafted to withstand a range of environmental conditions. In scorching climates, its longevity might slightly diminish, while in colder conditions, the drying period might be a bit extended.

Q5: After washing the tires, is there a specific waiting period before applying the gel?
The main requirement is to ensure the tires are thoroughly dry before application. While no set waiting time exists, making certain there’s no moisture will enhance the gel’s performance and finish.

Q6: Is there a distinct scent associated with Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel?
The product does come with a mild, generally pleasant scent. The aroma usually dissipates soon after the application, not lingering too long.

Q7: Is layering the product an option for a deeper shine?
 Yes, for an intensified shine, you can layer the gel. Ensure each layer dries fully before the subsequent application to prevent any buildup or streaks.

Q8: What’s the recommended storage method for the gel’s optimal shelf life?
It’s best to store the gel in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight. Make sure the cap is firmly secured to prevent the gel from drying or becoming contaminated.

If you have used Meguiar’s Tire dressing before, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you have used a better tire shine product that can beat endurance tire gel for the price, please let me know as I would like to try it out myself.

Happy Detailing!

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