Product Review : GYEON Q²M Wet Coat

Product Review : GYEON Q²M Wet Coat

When I recently completed the swirl removal process on my Audi TTRS , I was looking for a product that I could apply quickly and add some much needed protection to the car within a very short space of time.

If you have read my previous blog post on this , I completed the entire Prep , Correction and Protection over the space of a couple of hours over a weekend. Safe to say , time was not on my side considering the mix of weather we had here in Ireland over the weekend ( Getting Dark at about 4.30pm also did not help ).

I knew this was going to be the case before i even started the detail , so i made sure that whatever protection i selected had to be quick and easy and get the job done.

One product that is famed for doing both of these things is Wet Coat by Gyeon. I have heard great things from friends and fellow car detailing enthusiasts online , so i decided that this would be the short term protection i would go with (Claimed to last 3 months ).

I plan to do a more long term Coating closer to the summer when the weather permits , and i am still undecided which product to go for.

It was time to see what Gyeon Wet Coat is all about!

gyeon wet coat review

What is Gyeon Wet Coat?

According to Gyeon themselves :

Gyeon Wet Coat is a revolutionary spray sealant that offers instant durable protection in minutes. The real advantage is the huge hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately, together with an intense gloss and shine to painted surfaces. Can be used on bare un-protected paint, or on top of most sealants and coatings to boost their protection, gloss and hydrophobic effect.Ultra Concentrated and very long-lasting protection

To me this sounded too good to be true . A Spray coating that could be applied in minutes and leave long-lasting protection? Usually those two attributes are not associated with each other. I was very keen to find out!

Before i even used this product i was really impressed by the appearance of the bottle and the color of the solution inside , i must say Gyeon marketing did a great job here to make this product visually appealing and stand out from the crowd.

It almost looked good enough to drink ( although I wouldn’t recommend trying that! )

How to Use Gyeon Wet Coat

Gyeon Wet Coat is designed to be used directly after you have washed your car and before you dry it ( So it is important to make sure the car is still wet before spraying it on any of the cars panels). It is recommended by Gyeon to Apply wet coat with the aid of a power washer ( apparently a strong hose will also do the job , but i have not tried that yet ) I have heard some people complain about wet coat streaking their car or leaving residue behind , but i am willing to bet that is a direct result of them not removing all of the product as instructed.

Gyeon Wet Coat Review

The application for Wet Coat is as Follows :

  1. While the car is still wet , lightly mist wet coat on to a section of your car ( A panel at a time would be a good idea , so as not to risk the product drying in) It is very important not to use too much of the product , with Gyeon Wet coat a little goes a long way and it is not a case of More Product = More Protection. You actually might end up with a worse result if you use too much.
  2. IMMEDIATELY remove the product by blasting the panel with a pressure washer ( or powerful hose ).  i know this sounds counter-intuitive and its hard to believe that this is the correct method for applying the product but trust me it works.
  3. Make sure you remove any of residue that may have spread to other panels and rinse these off too.
  4. You can work your way around the car with the steps above until you have completed the whole car.
  5. Give the car a final overall rinse to make sure there is no residue behind ( could cause streaking if it dries into the panel )

Here is a little instructional video that should help you though the process

Can you use Gyeon Wet Coat on Wheels?

Yes Gyeon Wet Coat is Safe to Use on all areas of your wheels , and should work as a wheel sealant.

Can you use Gyeon Wet Coat on Glass?

You can use Gyeon Wet Coat on Glass and it should show the same hydrophobic properties. I personally use a dedicated glass coating , but if you don’t, feel free to make use of Gyeon Wet Coat for this purpose.

Can you Use Gyeon Wet Coat on Top Of a Ceramic Coating?

Not only can you use Gyeon Wet Coat as a stand-alone sealant, but it also supposedly works extremely well as a “Top Up” for any coating you may already have on your vehicle. You should notice an immediate boost in hydrophobic once you apply a layer of wet coat. In my case above, I have used it as a stand-alone product.

How Long Does Gyeon Wet Coat Last

The claimed protection length for Gyeon Wet Coat is Up to 3 Months , which is pretty impressive if its true. I have had it on my car for about a week now and it is still beading and repelling water extremely well ( Which i would expect after it only being on for such a short period )

It will be interesting to see how long it holds up, because if Gyeon Wet Coat can protect for 3 Months after such a quick and effortless application – it would be pretty astonishing!

Considering how cheap i bought this 500ml bottle for , and the small amount needed to coat the whole car , it means i could potentially get a years protection from this bottle alone. In my case i will probably be opting for a more permanent or long term sealant soon , so it is nice to know that Wet Coat will do me nicely up until that point.

Gyeon Wet Coat Test – Before and After

I was immediately impressed upon applying wet coat and the results were absolutely noticeable. In this first video below , i am spraying water onto the bonnet of the car. As you can see , there is absolutely no hydrophobic properties to the paint. The water is just sitting there and not really going anywhere.

This is a tell tale sign of a car with no protection on it.

This Second Clip below was taken after the wet coat had been applied. As you can see straight away , the water just sheets immediately off the surface of the car, This results in the cars paint being bone dry to touch , pretty amazing after just being blasted with a pressure washer! I was pretty impressed by this i must admit , and i ended up sending it to a few of my friends.

Gyeon Wet Coat Review – Final Thoughts , Worth It?

I am very impressed by this product so far i must admit. Granted i have not spend enough time with it yet to state weather or not it stands up to the full 3 months of protection , but initial impressions are very positive and i am excited about this product.

Even if it didn’t provide 3 months protection , it is simply so easy to apply to your car it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you had to apply it every few weeks. It literally added about 10 minutes to the end of my wash routine , which is by far the easiest application of any decent protection i have ever experienced.

It even claimed to add some extra gloss to the paintwork which i was also dubious about , but i can admit that once i had completely dried off the car , it did seem to have that extra bit of sharpness and gloss that you would expect from a sealant! Hats off to you Gyeon!

Gyeon Wet Coat Review

Where to buy Gyeon Wet Coat?

If you want to try wet coat , please consider buying it through the DriveDetailed Amazon link HERE

This helps me keep the blog up and running at no extra cost to you.

gyeon wet coat

Or if you think you will need the larger bottle ( 4L ) and will be using it on a lot of vehicles, you can get this larger size HERE

Wet Coat

How To Remove Gyeon Wet Coat

If you need to remove Gyeon Wet Coat from your vehicle ( For example if you want to strip it off to apply a different coating ) , i would suggest using an abrasive polish or compound to remove it.

Wet coat is surprisingly robust and can be difficult to remove without an abrasive.

I hope this post has provided some good insight into Gyeon Wet Coat. If you have used this product yourself i would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading.

Happy Detailing!

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Darren currently drives an Audi TTRS and is a big fan of performance cars.

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